Press Release: BunnyPark Launched Its First In-House Metaversal Game, Adventure Bunny

5 min readDec 11, 2021


Press Release: BunnyPark Launched Its First In-House Metaversal Game, Adventure Bunny

In line with its Interstellar Expedition plan on the roadmap, BunnyPark launched its very first in-house metaversal game, Adventure Bunny on 10th December, 2021.

The introduction of Adventure Bunny in the BlindBox and GameBox portal serves to further increase use cases of $BP and $BG, elevating their importances in the BunnyPark and BunnyPark SaaS ecosystem by providing users with more exciting opportunities to explore the play-to-earn platform.

How Does Adventure Bunny Differ from Other NFT & GameFi Projects?

Adventure Bunny is an improved version of USDT-based game with excellent USDT-based benefits and dual token stability to ensure the sustainability of the game as well as the non-disruptibility of players’ income. The game has also incorporated successful components of the BigBang BlindBox to further fortify the game structure and ecosystem.

Players are required to acquire Adventure Bunnies, BabyBunnies and spaceships to form their best fleets so that they could venture to the most lucrative cities in accordance with the fleets’ Combat Power in search of $BG rewards.

However, the adventures to the cities are not without risk. The success rates of the adventures differ from city to city. The Combat Power, admission fee (air ticket) and rewards are inversely corresponded to the success rates. In other words, players who dare to venture to the most dangerous cities (lower success rates) would reap the most lucrative rewards should the adventure be successful.

While being a fun and relaxing game, Adventure Bunny also allows players to be the Captain by immersing in the metaverse and strategizing the best moves to optimize their rewards from the fleets. Once a fleet is formed, players are not allowed to dismantle the fleets. The Adventure Bunnies can no longer be upgraded and their Token IDs will lose their breeding power. As with life and in the metaverse, success depends on careful and long term planning.

The game design is meant to be simple yet challenging. Whether to kickstart the morning or to wind down after a long tiring day, Adventure Bunny is an easily accessible mobile game that would bring joy and monetary rewards for the users who play the game.

The BigBang event was the largest NFT-themed event in Binance Smart Chain history. BunnyPark has successfully amassed more than 20,000 BNB from the sale of the BigBang BlindBoxes. The funds have all been exhausted from repurchasing BP for the burn.

Adventure Bunny Game Ecosystem

To the BunnyPark team, safeguarding the sustainability of the game and the stability of the players’ income are of the utmost importance.

After meticulous market and economic research and modelling, the game was developed with the integration of USDT-based benefits in that each Adventure series BlindBox is priced at 100 USD worth of BP while upgrading fees and Fuel Contracts are to be paid in 50% USDT + 50% BP / BG. This way, the volatility of the token values would be contained. At the same time, the USDT and BP collected from the game will be utilized to repurchase BP and BG. Details about the repurchase will be announced officially on Twitter once the action is completed.

Adventure Bunny is the second game to utilize BG in BunnyPark SaaS ecosystem. Users may use BG to purchase admission fees (air tickets) to the cities they wish to travel to. They may also opt to use BG to upgrade their Adventure Bunnies and renew Fuel Contracts. Not unlike XDOGE Moon Treasure, the rewards from participating in Adventure Bunny will be calculated in USD and claimable in BG of equivalent value. To discourage speculation and ensure the long term sustainability of BG, a 30% fee is imposed for early withdrawal of the rewards. Players are also encouraged to reinvest in the game by using their unclaimed rewards to purchase air tickets for their subsequent adventures.

In the near future, BG holders will be able to participate in IBOs (Initial BunnyPark Offerings), BlindBox, GameBox and all SaaS incubated projects. BG was not available for pre-sale. Except for the 1.88% BP-BG and 0.182346% BUSD-BG initial liquidity, all BG output is to be obtained from SaaS game participation.

For the first week of the game launch, all players are entitled to an additional 20% rewards for the successful adventures of each city. All newly minted fleets will also be given a one-off free 40-Day Fuel Contract. ShareCards can also be deployed in the fleet to increase the success rate of the adventures without occupying a passenger seat and incurring additional fees.

In less than 8 hours since its launch, Adventure Bunny has successfully collected 500,000 USDT and 814,000 BP. The funds will be utilized to repurchase BP and BG at random timing. BP-BG liquidity has also been added on BunnyPark DEX to facilitate a quicker and more favourable trading experience for users.

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About BunnyPark

BunnyPark is a DeFi + NFT project deployed on BSC with the main focus on NFT “SaaS” incubation and product standardization that allow the output of NFT development standards, diverse gameplay, product rules and application values into a series of standard smart contracts. As the Lego provider in the NFT sector, BunnyPark is able to provide many NFT and GameFi developer teams and artists a platform to create quick combinations of NFT products.

At present, BunnyPark has successfully incubated CryptoPlanet, and XDOGE.SPACE.

BunnyPark has obtained security audits from Certik, SlowMist and PeckShield and has been awarded Best 5 Binance Smart Chain Project 2021, Top 10 BSC Most Valuable Build II and BSC 1st Anniversary Innovation Medal 2021 since its inception in April 2021.

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