BunnyPark Roadmap 2.0 & To-Do List

2020 Q1 — BunnyPark Genesis Plan

BunnyPark Product Development

◼️ NFT ecology research and application hypothesis

◼️ BunnyPark main product direction and content structure

2021 Q2 — BunnyPark V1 — Land on the Moon

BunnyPark Product Matrix Establishment

◼️ ShareCard (Warriors & Astronauts) public sale

◼️ Commence ShareCard Dividend Scheme

◼️ Commence Pre-Genesis Mining Farms

◼️ Announce exclusive NFT collaboration with Japanese actresses

◼️ Start 1st IPO project

◼️ Start Classic BlindBoxes

◼️ Start BigBang BlindBoxes

◼️ Include about 15 types of additional supported LP tokens

◼️ Enable CropPools

◼️ Announce strategic investment institutions and partners

2021 Q3 — BunnyPark V1 — Accelerate to Mars

BunnyPark Product Matrix Optimization

◼️ Enable BunnyPark NFT Gallery and Market

◼️ List BunnyPark NFTs on Binance NFT

◼️ Start KING NFT auction

◼️ Introduce SaaS Incubator

◼️ Open source code and establish Bug Bounty Program

◼️ Commence BP Joint Repurchase Program

2021 Q4 — BunnyPark V2 — Interstellar Expedition

BunnyPark Establishes SaaS Incubator

◼️ Commence Bounty Scheme for ShareCards

◼️ Launch SaaS Games + BlindBoxes

◼️ Introduce BunnyPark Game (BG) Token

◼️ Release in-house Adventure Bunny Game

2022 Q1 and Beyond — BunnyPark V2 — Space Colonization

BunnyPark: The Hub for NFT and GameFi Projects

◼️ Launch IBOs

◼️ Include comprehensive list of interesting and fun SaaS incubated NFT games through BlindBox and GameBox portals

◼️ Unlock governance rights, supervision power and decision making privileges for ShareCard holders via DAO

◼️ Seek to list BP on well-known centralized exchanges

Official Sites and Contact Information:





Telegram Announcement Channel:https://t.me/BPann01

English Community: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Spanish Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Spanish

German Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_German

Italian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_IT

Turkish Community: https;//t.me/BunnyParkBsc_TR

Korean Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Korean

Japanese: Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_JPoffical

Arabic Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkArabic

Indian Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_India

Vietnamese Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_Vietnam

Indonesian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkIndonesian_Official

Russian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Russia



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