How to Play: Adventure Bunny

How to Play: Adventure Bunny

How to Play:

I. Summoning Adventure Bunnies

Adventure series BlindBox card drawing function has ceased. Please purchase your Bunny cards from Market and jump to Ia for the step-by-step guide.

Ia. Upgrading Adventure Bunnies

By upgrading Adventure Bunnies, you get to increase the Combat Power to explore your desired cities.

II. Breeding BabyBunnies

Next, if you wish to increase the success rate of your adventures, you have two options to do so: include BabyBunnies or ShareCards in your fleet.

III. Spaceships

Spaceships allow Adventure Bunnies to explore different cities. The spaceships can be purchased directly from the Spaceships tab. The cost and specification of each spaceship would determine the number of passengers it can carry.

IV. Building a Fleet

A fleet is an NFT composed of Adventure Bunnies, BabyBunnies and Spaceships. Players may add multiple NFTs to the fleet at the same time. However, the fleet cannot be dismantled after it is formed.

V. Adventure

After building your fleet, you will be able to start your adventures.

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