First Initial Park Offering (IDO) Project will be launched in BunnyPark

We are very excited to announce that the first IDO project XDOGE.SPACE will be launched in BunnyPark and will be opened in about 3 days. Please stay tuned for the latest announcement.

·Before participating in the IDO, please make sure that you have the LP Token of BP-BNB in your address.

·The IDO will be conducted in an over flow (excess fundraising) way, which means you will have enough time to provide LP Token.

·No total amount limit for each address. When time expires, the share of a single participant will be calculated based on the excess proportion.

·If the contract is too crowded (busy), please increase the gas fee.

For more details on Initial Park Offering(IDO), please check:

XDOGE.SPACE Poject Introduction

XDOGE — — Helps DOGE accelerate to Mars

website: http:s//

The idea of creating XDOGE is to expand application of the fully decentralized DogeCoin, to guide and rebuild its ecological development to a certain extent. XDOGE application is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and XDOGE is its Token.

XDOG total amount:200 billion

Initial Park Offering:2 billion(1%)

The remaining 99% tokens will be added to the liquidity pool by the team with this rule:

DogeCoin: XDOGE = 1: 100,000

1 XDOGE=0.00001 DogeCoin

XDOGE respects and follows the development of DogeCoin in terms of Token is fully community-based, while the team acts as an intervener and leader. Or the XDOGE team is more like an early DogeCoin builder, who is contributed to the ecosystem development.

Meanwhile, as DogeCoin loyal fans, XDOGE team voluntarily give up all Token and provide about 2 million DogeCoin to accelerate XDOGE development. This will be a great plan for DogeCoin, while ensuring No one will suffer a loss for this, since the team acts as the cornerstone of all XDOGE liquidity, no one can get XDOGE at a price lower than the initial liquidity, which means that there is no need to worry about XDOGE price being lower than the initial liquidity. Therefore, all DogeCoin fans can participate in this great project.

Users are encouraged to participate in a series of DeFi expansion ecosystems on XDOGE, including NFTs, blind boxes, and other gamified products, and ultimately the value created by these products will be returned to XDOGE and DogeCoin.

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