BunnyPark Weekly Events: Top 10 BSC MVB II Outstanding Projects + The Auction of BunnyPark KING

4 min readJul 31, 2021


Last week had been crazy (pun intended) on BunnyPark, but this week was no less exciting. In fact, as a result of our bunnies’ hard work, we have some very impressive results to show:

24th to 30th July Event Highlights:

▪️ 5,000,000 CAKE staked in CropPool (29th July)

▪️ BunnyPark KING sold for 3100BNB (29th July)

▪️ Top 10 BSC MVB II Outstanding Projects achieved (29th July)

▪️ $120,000,000 breakthrough in Farm & CropPool (29th July)

▪️ The launch of THREE exciting new Farms (30th July)

1) 5,000,000 CAKE staked in CropPool (29th July)

Offering one of the highest APR, CAKE CropPool is still by far the most popular CropPool on BunnyPark. Within just a week, the CropPool has accumulated more than 5,000,000 CAKE staked, a staggering 1,000,000 increase since last week!

Our bunnies certainly have the sweetest tooth for delicious, creamy CAKE on BSC.

2) BunnyPark KING sold for 3100BNB (29th July)

The BunnyPark KING has been the talk of the BSC town since the inception of BunnyPark. Little is known about him, except that there is only one in the entire world, and that he can show up on BunnyPark anytime he likes.

This week, BunnyPark KING was successfully auctioned off on Binance NFT for 3100BNB, a shocking 210% from its starting bid of 1000BNB.

The owner who holds the BunnyPark KING Share card will reign supreme on BunnyPark. He or she will be able to participate in the governance of BunnyPark community and enjoy basic rights and interests of Share card holders such as decision making, dividend sharing and supervision.

The dividend payout ratio for BunnyPark KING is 0.1% of total daily output. In the next phase, all Share card holders including BunnyPark KING will be able to participate in Bounty Scheme for BP allocation.

Please read the whitepaper for more information: https://docs.bunnypark.com/#share-card

3) Top 10 BSC MVB II Outstanding Projects achieved (29th July)

After three months of relentless BUIDLING, BunnyPark has finally made it to the Top 10 BSC MVB II Outstanding Projects alongside BSC Superstars such as MOBOX, X World Games and My DeFi Pet.

It was an achievement all bunnies are proud of, but BunnyPark is not going to slow down or be complacent with the status quo anytime soon.

Rather, we will continue to BUIDL the best NFT and gaming infrastructure all bunnies could ever dream of.

4) $120,000,000 breakthrough in Farm & CropPool (29th July)

If you think last week’s $80,000,000 TVL breakthrough was impressive enough, guess what, we made it to $120,000,000 TVL in Farm & CropPool this week!

Things are just going to accelerate, which leads us to the next point…

5) The launch of THREE exciting new Farms (30th July)

To satisfy our bunnies’ insatiable appetite for staking, BunnyPark has launched THREE more exciting new Farms: USDC-USDT, USDC-BUSD and BUSD-BNB.

Get your hands dirty in the Farms and ye shall be rewarded, bunnies.

BONUS: 18 BigBangs has taken place in the span of just a week (24th to 30th July)

BigBangs are a routine yet significant occurrence on BunnyPark.

For a BigBang to happen, firstly SmallBang has to accumulate 500,000USDT worth of LP tokens. The contract will then automatically remove all LP tokens with all BP earnings (worth about 250,000 USDT). At the same time, all BNB earnings (worth about 250,000 USDT) will also be destroyed where 100% of it will be used for the repurchase of BP. All BP earnings from the repurchase will be destroyed.

That’s already pretty awesome on its own. What is even more awesome is that, for the first time in BunnyPark history, 18 BigBangs have occurred in the span of just a week, which is the highest record attained thus far thanks to our supportive bunnies.

Can we beat the record next week?

Upcoming next week…

Prizes for Crazy BigBang winners will be distributed in succession.

To all winners, please check your wallet address from time to time. For the winner list, refer here: https://bunnyparkbsc.medium.com/announcement-the-end-of-bunnypark-crazy-week-24383be0cf82

Also, please look out for the Star Wars game which will be launching very very soon…

Important Links:

Official website: https://bunnypark.com

Whitepaper: https://docs.bunnypark.com

Contract address: 0xacb8f52dc63bb752a51186d1c55868adbffee9c1

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BunnyPark_BSC

Official Telegram (English): https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Official Roadmap: https://t.co/5Rn1HFDcA4?amp=1

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SlowMist Audit Report: https://static.bunnypark.com/image/BunnyPark/AuditReport-BunnyPark.pdf

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