BunnyPark Weekly Events: The Launch of BunnyPark Crazy Week

In conjunction with being awarded Binance 4th Anniversary — Best 5 BinanceSmartChain Projects 2021 and being selected as Top 20 in BSC MVB II Plan, BunnyPark launched Crazy Week to bring in more BP enthusiasts while at the same time allow BP supporters to enjoy higher BP yields and win Crazy BigBang prizes as a gesture of appreciation for their tireless efforts.

Event Highlights:

▪️ Crazy Week Launched

▪️ BSC Learn & Earn Round 2 with BunnyPark

▪️ $80,000,000 TVL Breakthrough in Farm & CropPool

▪️ More than 4 million $CAKE staked in CropPool

▪️ Exclusive BNB NFT Airdrop Program

#1 BunnyPark Crazy Week: Crazy Big Airdrop + Crazy BigBang

To attract more users to explore the fun and opportunities offered on BunnyPark, 98,000 airdrops of Mikami Yua’s exclusive SSR series SWEET NFT have been deployed to active users of well-known and outstanding projects in MVB I, selected projects in MVB Top 20, as well as various award winning projects in Binance 4th Anniversary, etc.

This exclusive SSR series SWEET NFT can be activated for mining. The output is 50 USDT worth of BP tokens in 60 days.

1.1) Crazy Big Airdrop + 7-Day Single Currency Pool Schedule(17th to 21st July — completed)

17th July:

▪️ 50,000 airdrops deployed to PancakeSwap-CAKE holders.

18th July:

▪️ 20,000 airdrops were deployed to BakerySwap-BAKE holders.

▪️ A 7-day single currency pool for pledging BAKE to earn BP is opened.

19th July:

▪️ 10,000 airdrops were deployed to My DeFi-PET holders.

▪️ A 7-day single currency pool for pledging DPET to earn BP is opened.

20th July:

▪️ 5,000 airdrops were deployed to ALICE-ALICE holders, 3,000 to MOBOX-MBOX holders, and 1,000 to X World Game-XWG holders. .

▪️ 7-day single currency pools for pledging ALICE, MBOX, and XWG to earn BP are opened.

21st July:

▪️ 3,000 airdrops were deployed to Rabbit Finance-RABBIT holders, 3,000 to Alpaca Finance-ALPACA holders, and 3,000 to BiSwap-BSW holders.

▪️ 7-day single currency pools for pledging RABBIT, ALPACA, and BSW to earn BP are opened.

1.2) Crazy BigBang (17th to 23rd July — ongoing)

Crazy BigBang has started at Block 9235000 where the first 1,000 users will be given Crazy BigBang rewards according to the ranking of the numbers drawn from the BigBang Blind Boxes. The event will end at Block 9436600.

The ranking and rewards are as below:

Crazy №1: Warrior card serial no. 00001 (x1) + 2000BP

Crazy №2 to 10: Astronaut card (x1) + 500BP

Crazy №11 to 100: 100BP

Crazy №12 to 1000: 20BP

2) BSC Learn & Earn 2 with BunnyPark (21st July — ongoing)

BunnyPark is participating in Binance Smart Chain’s BSC Learn & Earn Round 2 Twitter campaign and will be giving out NFT airdrops to winners who are able to get most of the answers correct by solving a puzzle.

For more information, please visit our Twitter link: https://twitter.com/BunnyPark_BSC/status/1417862416172417028

To read about the puzzle, refer here: https://bunnyparkbsc.medium.com/bunnypark-story-the-mystery-of-the-missing-diamond-ring-62c1bf586352

3) The $80,000,000 TVL Breakthrough in Farm & CropPool (22nd July)

Other than NFT mining, BunnyPark’s Farm and CropPool are also on fire.

We are proud to announce that BunnyPark has achieved more than $80,000,000 TVL in Farm & CropPool and it will continue to increase.

4) More than 4 Million CAKE Staked in BunnyPark CropPool (22nd July)

Since CAKE CropPool is open on 15th July, it has been a major hit among users.

As of to date, more than 4 million CAKE is staked by users to earn BP.

CAKE is delicious because BunnyPark will continue to BUIDL the best CropPool on BSC.

5) Exclusive BNB NFT Airdrops distributed to BunnyParkKing: Majestic holders by Binance (23rd July — completed)

The lucky holders of Binance Mystery Box BunnyPark King: Majestic have all received their exclusive BNB NFT airdrops.

Users may sell their BNB NFTs on Binance Marketplace or transfer them to BunnyPark to redeem 1BNB when the withdrawal channel is open.

Similarly, all BunnyPark-Binance NFT Mystery Boxes NFTs can be activated for mining on BunnyPark.

Upcoming Next Week…

The most anticipated event in BunnyPark is finally here:

The auction of BunnyParkKING.

The one and only KING, the greatest character in the entire Bunny Kingdom.

It will soon be owned by the highest bidder who will reign supreme in BunnyPark.

The bid will start from 1000BNB.

Time: 26th July, 8am to 29th July, 8am GMT

Venue: https://www.binance.com/en/nft/home

See you there, bunnies.

Important Links:

Official website: https://bunnypark.com

Whitepaper: https://docs.bunnypark.com

Contract address: 0xacb8f52dc63bb752a51186d1c55868adbffee9c1

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BunnyPark_BSC

Official Telegram (English): https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Official Roadmap: https://t.co/5Rn1HFDcA4?amp=1

Certik Audit Report: https://www.certik.org/projects/bunnypark

SlowMist Audit Report: https://static.bunnypark.com/image/BunnyPark/AuditReport-BunnyPark.pdf

Email: support@bunnypark.com



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