BunnyPark Weekly Events:Pre genesis mining starts;Launch of the first IDO project in the ecosystem|5.3~5.15

🐰BunnyPark Major Incident Report🎉the Second Phase

In this issue, we will release a review of BunnyPark’s major events from May 3rd to May 15th.,welcome to subscribe and forward!For media cooperation, please email support@bunnypark.com

📌This major event report is the second phase. We will report on the current progress of the BunnyPark project, a preview of upcoming major events, and sort out and answer some high-frequency questions from the community. Thank you for your attention.♥

📢Important Notice

1、BunnyPark starts Pre Genesis Mining at 08:00 (GMT+0) on May 3 officially, and users check the Farm entrance in the official website www.bunnypark.com。Pre creation mining adds LP pair:ALICE-BNB、BELT-BNB、USDT -BUSD、DOT-BNB、TPT-BUSD CAKE-BNB、BP-XDOGE、BP-BNB,to produce BP。

2、BunnyPark releases the official roadmap, and will follow and stick to the roadmap in the future。

3、BunnyPark launches first IDO project XDOGE.SPACE on May 15. XDOGE was created to try to expand the application of the fully decentralized DogeCoin originally,guide and rebuild its ecological development to a certain extent,The XDOGE application is built on the Binance Smart Chain. On the day of launch, raising funds reached 4.12 million US dollars。

4、The official Twitter of BunnyPark announces on May 15 that it has received a strategic investment in the decentralized multi-chain wallet TokenPocket。Through this strategic cooperation, BunnyPark users can socially interact with images of different NFT assets in their wallets in the park。In addition to TokenPocket, previous investment institutions also include:Image Innovation Fund, LINEHUB, VISION LABS, etc.

✨Product iteration

1、The first IDO project Xdoge.Space launches

2、The interface of BunnyPark updates

👀Project Progress

1、May 3

BunnyPark Pre genesis mining starts

2. May 10

BunnyPark official English telegram group held the first AMA

3. May 15

(1) BunnyPark’s first IDO project XDOGE.Space launches

(2) BunnyPark announces that it has received TP strategic investment

(3) BunnyPark releases official roadmap

Announcement in advance✍

  • What surprises will be in the upcoming blind box of BunnyPark
  • Do you expect BunnyPark to build Chinese communities?💖
  • New LP trading pair in the BunnyPark Farm
  • BunnyPark surprise souvenir is coming📦~

✨FAQs from Comminity

1、How many blocks are BP produce a day?

Block is not from BP,but the Binance smart chain,and the block is generated every 3 seconds,28800 blocks per day

2、If the King is sold. Will the Astronaut Card still produce 4bp per day? Will it decrease in the future?

The share cards , including the King and Star Warrior, will not affect the output of each card. The only reason for the reduction is from the cut creation of BP following block.

3、Why can’t the profits and assets of BunnyPark be tracked on the APE board or Yieldwatch??

Because there are so many ecological projects in the BSC chain. Yield watch can only track limited assets,Such as pancakeswap, venus and belt …..But BunnyPark team is working on the cooperation with Yield Watch on this issue。

4、How to sell NFT cards?

Currently, NFTs can only be traded off-exchange temporarily and resold to those who want to buy cards。

5、What are the rules for NFT sharing card numbers?

The astronaut sharing card number starts from 5001. The first five thousand cards are occupied by the Star Warrior Share Card. NFT numbers are generated randomly 。

📍Important links

1.Contract address and links:0xACB8f52DC63BB752a51186D1c55868ADbFfEe9C1 https://bscscan.com/token/0xacb8f52dc63bb752a51186d1c55868adbffee9c1

2.Official website:https://www.bunnypark.com/






6.Official roadmap:https://t.co/5Rn1HFDcA4?amp=1



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