BunnyPark Weekly Events: Output Reduction Upgrade for Farms & Pools + CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes launched + 7,257,153 BP from BlindBox Sales Consumed + Team’s Repurchase Plan

Firstly, the Farms and Pools sections were majorly revamped to accommodate the output reduction upgrade. Then, CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes were launched. Within 48 hours, 7,257,153 BP were consumed from the BlindBox sales. Last but not least, 636,784 BP were repurchased from Team’s Fund. And, the rest was history…

2nd October to 8th October Event Highlights:

▪️ Output reduction upgrade for Farms & Pools (5th Oct)

▪️ CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes launched (6th Oct)

▪️ 7,257,153 BP consumed from BlindBox sales (8th Oct)

▪️ 636,784 BP repurchased from Team’s fund (8th Oct)

#1 Output Reduction Upgrade for Farms & Pools (5th Oct)

BunnyPark has reduced a lot of conventional DeFi features to focus on the development of SaaS incubation. Apart from accelerating the deflation of BP supply, the resources would also be utilized to incubate more excellent NFT and GameFi projects.

On 5th October, all Farms and Pools were removed except for BP-BNB Farm, Bounty Plan, Cake CropPool and BP CropPool.

For the bunnies who have not unstaked their assets, please remove your LPs from V2 > Finished Farms and tokens from Finished Pools immediately.

The output for CAKE CropPool has also been reduced 10% since the upgrade.

#2 CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes Launched (6th Oct)

CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes were finally launched on 6th October, 1pm UTC.

Bunnies who participate in the BlindBox draws would be able to earn gems by putting the cards in the card slots. Bunnies could also combine lower-ranked weapon cards into high-ranked ones to optimize their gem earnings.

From the BlindBox sales, 4.5% of BP will be burned immediately on every purchase transaction; 50% will be allocated for the equal repurchase of the five gems; 45% will be accumulated as Repurchase Fund to be used at random timing; and last but not least, 0.5% will be allocated to the top 10 bunnies who draw the most BlindBoxes.

To access CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes, please hover over to ‘BlindBox’ in the navigation bar, then click on CryptoPlanet BlindBox poster and click on ‘BlindBox’ below the page to make the purchase.

Please read these articles for more information about the gameplay and tokenomics.

#3 A Total of 7,257,153 BP Burned Within 48 Hours After the Launch of CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes (8th Oct)

CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes are the talk of BunnyPark town!

Within 48 hours after the launch, 7,257,153 BP had been consumed, of which 0.5% will be sent directly to the Burn Address whenever a purchase is made.

And this is just the beginning. As the war over at CryptoPlanet becomes more intense with more features unlocking in the future, more BP consumption will take place.

Oh, bunnies. Do not also forget that 0.5% out of the 3.5% tax incurred for swapping BP to gems and vice versa would also be sent to the Burn Address. How lovely!

#4 First Week of Team’s Repurchase Plan — 636,784 BP Repurchased (8th Oct)

Team has announced that 636,784 BP has been bought using Team’s Repurchase Fund of $500,000 in the first week.

The second week of the repurchase plan is about to start. Buckle up, bunnies.

The repurchase details can be found here.

Team’s Repurchase Plan will be carried out on a weekly basis where $500,000 to $1,000,000 from Team’s own fund will be used for the repurchase of BP from the secondary market at random timing. All repurchased BP will be burned.

More information about Team’s Repurchase plan can be found here.

Official Sites and Contact Information:





Telegram Announcement Channel:https://t.me/BPann01

English Community: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Spanish Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Spanish

German Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_German

Italian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_IT

Turkish Community: https;//t.me/BunnyParkBsc_TR

Korean Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Korean

Japanese: Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_JPoffical

Arabic Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkArabic

Indian Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_India

Vietnamese Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_Vietnam

Indonesian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkIndonesian_Official




BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

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BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

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