BunnyPark Weekly Events: CoinMarketCap Airdrop Campaign + BunnyPark on BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream + Farms V2 Upgrade + BP Repurchase Fund

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BunnyPark Weekly Events: CoinMarketCap Airdrop Campaign + BunnyPark on BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream + Farms V2 Upgrade

CoinMarketCap Airdrops… BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream… Farms V2 Upgrade… … Oh my! This week has been helluva exciting, bunnies! Let’s walk through the events one by one.

18th September to 24th September Event Highlights:

▪️ CoinMarketCap airdrop campaign launched (21st September)

▪️ BunnyPark on BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream (22nd to 23rd September)

▪️ Farms V2 upgrade (23rd September)

▪️ BP 5th output reduction (24tb September)

▪️BP Repurchase Fund (BNB) fully utilized (24th September)

#1 CoinMarketCap Airdrop Campaign Launched (21st September)

To kickstart the five-day BSC GameFi Expo, CoinMarketCap has joined forces with Binance Smart Chain by organizing a GameFi Airdrop Frenzy!

This event has gotten many of our bunnies excited! Which bunny wouldn’t love an airdrop from BunnyPark? Moreover, it is totally free to join!

Let me reiterate, bunnies.

The campaign is not over yet. If you haven’t already, retweet this post and tag three of your buddies, then head over to CoinMarketCap and follow the instructions to participate.

#1 CoinMarketCap Airdrop Campaign Launched (21st September)

$20,000 worth of BP is to be evenly distributed to 1000 randomly selected winners from the list of eligible participants.

Hurry up!

#2 BunnyPark on BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream (22nd to 23rd September)

BunnyPark has been invited to join BSC GameFi Expo Live Stream.

The live stream is divided into two parts: English session (22nd September, 12:00 UTC) and Chinese session (23rd September, 18:00 SGT). During the two sessions, BunnyPark has shed some light about the SaaS Incubation Program, introduction and tutorial of CryptoPlanet (the very first incubated GameFi project) and how BunnyPark plans to bring non-crypto natives into the ecosystem via GameFi.

For the bunnies who have missed the live stream, check out this article to access the replay and recap.

Once again, BunnyPark would like to sincerely thank Binance Smart Chain for the invitation. Thank you to Mr Julian for hosting the English session and Ms Zora for hosting the Chinese session.

#3 Farms V2 Upgrade (23rd September)

#3 Farms V2 Upgrade (23rd September)

BunnyPark is proud to announce that all Farms have been upgraded to V2 with better security.

Now, vigilant bunnies will be able to view the source code on BscScan by simply clicking on the ‘View Contract’ button below the Farm and ‘Read Contract’ on BscScan webpage.

All bunnies are urged to unstake LP assets from V1 — FINISHED Farms and restake them on V2 — LIVE Farms as soon as possible so that the earnings are not disrupted by the migration.

BunnyPark CropPools will be migrated in time. Please keep an eye on BunnyPark Twitter for the announcement.

#4 BP 5th Output Reduction has Commenced (24th September)

At block height 1119100, BunnyPark has entered the 5th output reduction, in line with BP deflationary tokenomics.

Except for genesis mining, BP token output will be reduced by 10% every 864000 blocks (approximately 30 days) from the current output for 21 times, with a total of 22 output cycles.

Please refer to DOCS for more information.

In addition to the output reduction scheme, several measures are also in place to further promote the utilities and scarcity of BP tokens. See BP Joint Repurchase Program, CryptoPlanet tokenomics and Angel_NFTGame tokenomics for more information.

#5 BP Repurchase Fund (BNB) Fully Utilized (24th September)

BunnyPark is pleased to announce that a total of 3,254,634 BP has been repurchased and destroyed, completely depleting 10,534 BNB from the Repurchase Fund.

Details about the burn: https://bscscan.com/token/0xACB8f52DC63BB752a51186D1c55868ADbFfEe9C1?a=0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Team’s Repurchase Fund will be implemented from 1st October, GMT onwards where the repurchase of BP will be carried out in the secondary market, and all repurchased BP will be burned.

Team will contribute 500,000 to 1 million USDT weekly to repurchase BP at random timing, and there is no time limit for this plan.

Isn’t this wonderful? Let’s keep the furnace hot, bunnies.

Please refer to this article for more information about BP Joint Repurchase Program.

Official Sites and Contact Information:





Telegram Announcement Channel:https://t.me/BPann01

English Community: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Spanish Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Spanish

German Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_German

Italian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_IT

Turkish Community: https;//t.me/BunnyParkBsc_TR

Korean Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Korean

Japanese: Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_JPoffical

Arabic Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkArabic

Indian Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_India

Vietnamese Community: https://t.me/BunnyPark_Vietnam

Indonesian Community: https://t.me/BunnyParkIndonesian_Official




BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

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