BunnyPark Weekly Events: BSC’s 1st Anniversary Innovation Medal Award + BunnyPark DOCS Updated

BunnyPark Weekly Events

#1 8,000,000 $CAKE staked in CropPool (28th Aug)

8,000,000 $CAKE staked in CropPool

#2 $320,000,000 TVL in Farms & CropPools (29th Aug)

$320,000,000 TVL in Farms & CropPools

#3 BunnyPark won Innovation Medal in BSC Awards (1st Sept)

#4 Stake BP-BNB, earn $CAKE Farm; stake $CAKE, earn $BP launched on PancakeSwap (2nd Sept)

Stake $CAKE, earn $BP; stake BP-BNB, earn $CAKE launched on PancakeSwap

#5 BunnyPark DOCS updated (3rd Sept)

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