BunnyPark Weekly Events: $BG Listed on CoinMarketCap + Adventure Bunny Whitepaper + Adventure Series BlindBoxes Launched + Adventure Bunny Game Launched

BunnyPark was on FIRE this week! Woot!

A new member just landed in the BlindBox and GameBox portal, which was none other than the much awaited Adventure Bunny native game developed by the BunnyPark team.

27th November to 10th December Event Highlights:

▪️ $BG listed on CoinMarketCap (30th November)

▪️ Adventure Bunny whitepaper released (6th December)

▪️ Adventure Series BlindBoxes launched (8th December)

▪️ Adventure Bunny full game launched (10th December)

#1 $BG listed on CoinMarketCap (30 November)

$BG is an essential token in BunnyPark SaaS NFT and GameFi ecosystem. $BG will be used by our bunnies to participate in all SaaS incubated projects, including IBOs, GameBox, BlindBox, and participation in the game processes. This way, all SaaS GameFi will be connected to form a seamless BSC game circle.

At present, bunnies may purchase XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBoxes and Adventure Bunny air tickets using $BG and earn more $BG in return.

For the ease of all bunnies, all information and historical charts about $BG can be found on CoinMarketCap. Thank you, CoinMarketCap for the listing.

Refer here for $BG tokenomics.

#2 Adventure Bunny Whitepaper Released (6th December)

After careful planning and developing the game ecosystem, BunnyPark team finally released Adventure Bunny’s whitepaper.

In the whitepaper, bunnies may find details about summoning Adventure Bunnies, breeding BabyBunnies, buying spaceships and building fleets to travel to major cities around the world in search of $BG rewards!

Bonus: ShareCard holders also get to enjoy privileges when participating in Adventure Bunny. Read the whitepaper to find out more how to optimize your chances of reaping big rewards.

Whitepaper: https://bsc-bunnypark.gitbook.io/adventure-bunny-1/

#3 Adventure Series BlindBoxes Launched (8th December)

To kickstart Adventure Bunny game, the team released Adventure series BlindBoxes in advance so that everyone could summon their Adventure Bunnies and breed BabyBunnies for the upcoming adventure!

For your information, Adventure Bunnies possess Combat Power which allows them to travel to major cities in fleets and get a chance to earn $BG rewards. Their Combat Power is upgradeable to a certain extent depending on their ranks. Adventure Bunnies with rarer ranks would have a higher upgrading upper limit.

BabyBunnies, on the other hand, do not have Combat Power but each of them will increase the success rate of the adventure by 0.5%. BabyBunnies can be obtained free-of-charge when a player keys in the referral’s TokenID during the Adventure series BlindBox draw.

Read the tutorial for more information.

SR series Adventure Bunnies (bottom row) are the rarest with unique appearances and highest upgrading limit. When upgraded to the maximum level, a single SR series Adventure Bunny can travel to the most lucrative city and earn the highest $BG rewards if the adventure is successful.

#4 Adventure Bunny Full Game Launched (10th December)

Adventure Bunny was fully launched in space to welcome the weekend!

Besides summoning Adventure Bunnies and breeding BabyBunnies, players can now purchase spaceships and build fleets and get ready for the adventures!

Each spaceship must be fully occupied by Adventure Bunnies and BabyBunnies before it could take off as a fleet.

We are not done with the good news yet. Do you know that every newly minted fleet will be given a free 40-Day Fuel Contract? Yep, you read that right.

Also, players who participate in the game in the first week of the launch will get to enjoy additional 20% earnings should the adventures be successful. Bunnies, this is the time to build your best fleets!

The more fleet you build, and the more Adventure Bunnies you summon and the more BabyBunnies you breed, the higher your chance to have successful adventures and earn lucrative $BG rewards, which you can reinvest in the game or participate in other BunnyPark SaaS NFT & GameFi IBOs, BlindBox and GameBox.

Isn’t this wonderful?

Read the tutorial here and get started right away!

Adventure Bunny is a native game developed by BunnyPark. It is an improved version of USDT-based game with excellent USDT-based benefits and dual token stability to ensure the sustainability of the game as well as the non-disruptibility of players’ income. The game has also incorporated successful components of the BigBang BlindBox to further fortify the game structure and ecosystem.

From the time when the game was first launched, a whopping total of 500,000 USDT and 814,000 BP were amassed. Great job, bunnies!

The collected USDT and BP will be the reserve to repurchase BP and BG at random timing. Details will be announced after the repurchase is completed. Stay tuned for more information.

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BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

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BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

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