BunnyPark NFT Big Bang Blind Box

3 min readJun 10, 2021


BunnyPark will be launching the largest NFT-themed event in BSC history! Don’t miss Mikami Yua’s exclusive NFT airdrop, BSC network user coverage, up to $10,000,000 worth of BP rewards, a total of 5000 BNB rewards, and last but not least, 10 brand new Bentley Flying Spurs… Get ready for the big bang, guys!


There are a total of 18 new NFTs in BunnyPark NFT Big Bang Mystery Box, including Actress series, Luxury Car series and BunnyPark series. They will be shown in the form of airdrop + blind box + easter eggs. This campaign comprises two processes: Small Bang and Big Bang. Any BNB used to open a blind box will promote Small Bang and Big Bang.

Terms & Conditions

One of Mikami Yua’s limited edition SSR series NFTs will be airdropped to more than 100,000 active users in the BSC ecosystem. These NFTs cannot be obtained through any other channels. For your information, each NFT can be used to mine 50 BPs.

The four new Big Bang series Mystery Boxes include:

N Series: Four Luxury Car Bunny NFTs;

R Series: Four Eimi Fukada’s (深田えいみ) exclusive NFTs;

SR Series: Four Super Luxury Car Bunny NFTs;

SSR Series: Four Mikami Yua’s (三上悠亜) exclusive NFTs (one of them can only be obtained via airdrop).

All four NFT series can be used for participation in NFT gamification to produce BPs.

Two sets of Super Easter Eggs NFT: 5000BNB + 10 Bentley Flying Spur.

The Easter Eggs NFTs will randomly appear in the Big Bang Blind Box. The BNB Easter Egg NFT can be exchanged for 1 BNB at any time; the Bentley Flying Spur Egg NFT will be divided into 36 fragments so that users can collect and exchange them for a brand new Bentley Flying Spur.

When 1,000 mystery boxes are unlocked, a unique Bentley Flying Spur fragment will be shown. In addition to winning rewards for collecting cards, the owner will also be able to exchange 1 Bentley Flying Spur fragment for 5,000USDT worth of BNB at any time.

As the Bentley Flying Spur is procured from the United States of America, the transportation costs and necessary import duties are to be borne by the winner.

Big Bang Blind Box Details

Small Bang and Big Bang

1. Once the BNB from the sales of Mystery Box accumulates to 10 BNB, a Small Bang will be triggered. 50% of the BNB will be utilized to purchase BP. The BP that is purchased with the remaining 50% of BNB will be utilized to form BP+BNB Liquidity to be deposited into the Liquidity Pool (LP).

2. Big Bang will be triggered once Small Bang successfully accumulates to 500,000 USDT worth of LP tokens. The contract will automatically remove all LP tokens with all BP earnings (worth about 250,000 USDT). At the same time, all BNB earnings (worth about 250,000 USDT) will also be destroyed where 100% of it will be used for the repurchase of BP. All BP earnings from the repurchase will be destroyed.




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