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Part 1

BunnyPark Introduction

BunnyPark is a DeFi + NFT project deployed on BSC with the main focus on NFT “SaaS” incubation and product standardization that allow the output of NFT development standards, diverse gameplay, product rules and application values into a series of standard smart contracts. As the Lego provider in the NFT sector, BunnyPark is able to provide many NFT and GameFi developer teams and artists a platform to create quick combinations of NFT products.

BunnyPark owns an independent “SaaS” incubation fund and is always open to accepting applications from developer teams and artists. The successful teams that pass the evaluation process will receive comprehensive support from the incubation fund in terms of fundings, R&D, mathematical models, operations, etc.

“SaaS” Incubation Platform and Incubation Fund

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. The “SaaS” incubation platform is a combinable NFT and GameFi product development platform pioneered by BunnyPark, which has a wide range of NFT protocols and smart contracts that comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 development standards while at the same time universalizes NFTs through unified specification of meta-information. Developers are only required to select their desired protocol templates and quickly create standalone NFT products within the custom parameters.

It is necessary to deploy projects through unified development standards which would largely save developers early efforts and ensure the effective interoperability of different NFT products developed and run based on the same blockchain. At the same time, the future extensibility and flexibility of the deployed products would also be ensured, which would lead to a better NFT ecosystem on the public chain.

Through the “SaaS” incubation fund, BunnyPark is committed to building NFT standardization on BSC and providing comprehensive incubation services for outstanding developer teams, including but not limited to:

  • Up to $1,000,000 of financial support
  • Advice on establishing a healthy economic model
  • Standard project development guidance
  • Holistic operational support, including introduction of on-chain resources
  • Long-term support to ensure the health of the project development

Part 2

In V2, BunnyPark has made significant changes to the base products and removed a large number of conventional DeFi services. In the future, BunnyPark will focus on SaaS standardization and external incubation. At the same time, the new modification on the project direction would allow further reduction of BP output so that BP supply would enter the deflationary spiral in advance.

Conventional DeFi Services


A complete DEX platform capable of providing trading and liquidity management.


To provide rewards for BP-BNB liquidity providers.


To provide rewards for users who stake BP, as well as a special Bounty pool to reward Share card holders.

IBO(Initial BunnyPark Offering)

The IBO section serves to provide initial NFT distribution as well as initial token distribution for projects launched via SaaS Incubator. IBO will be conducted using BP and BP LP. 50% of BP or LP accumulated via IBO will be burned while the remaining 50% will be used to support the development of the IBO project. At the same time, the SaaS Incubator will also allocate an equal amount of funds to support the project.


GameBox is the application portal of the SaaS incubator as well as the showcase portal of incubated projects where all confirmed incubation applications and projects launched by the SaaS incubator will be displayed.

GameBox will be opened to third-party platforms and independent projects in the future. As an on-chain application marketplace for NFT and GameFi on BSC, this segment will allow users to quickly browse and experience the latest and most comprehensive GameFi products.

GameFi projects that land on GameBox via BunnyPark SaaS incubator will have the opportunity to be quickly included and listed by Binance NFT.


BlindBox is established for projects launched by the SaaS incubator to quickly build NFT BlindBox gameplay where scarce NFT assets can be distributed via IBO, basic NFT assets via Blind Boxes, and further token distribution via both NFT assets, providing a completely closed business loop.

In the process, a slight amount of BP and BG burn mechanism will be included in the economic model of any brands and series of the BlindBoxes. The continuous introduction of new BlindBox products in the future will be one of the ways to support BP destruction.

Part 3

ShareCard and Governance

BunnyPark adopts Genesis NFT: ShareCards for community governance. ShareCard holders possess the rights to dividend, decision making, and supervision power. Any governance process will be implemented through DAO. ShareCards are divided into three categories: King (1 card), Warrior (5000 cards) and Astronaut (20000 cards). All ShareCards are subjected to periodic dividend reduction but decision-making rights remain the same.

BunnyPark Token(BP)

Token name:BunnyPark

Token ticker:BP


Contract Address:0xACB8f52DC63BB752a51186D1c55868ADbFfEe9C1

Token Output(Major Updates)

BP output follows Binance Smart Chain blocks. The initial output was at block height 6871000 and thereafter, the output is reduced every 864000 blocks (about one month), each time reducing the current output by 10%, for a total of 21 cycles. The total output duration is 22 cycles (months).

As of the current OnePage update (the 7th cycle), the output data is as follows:

Important Notes:

* King was auctioned off on Binance NFT. Therefore, the output allocation before the ShareCard was transferred to BSC does not apply.

* A total of 790 Warriors and 20,000 Astronauts were sold via public sale.

Team and Developer Share (Major Updates)

BunnyPark team owns 5% of the effective circulating tokens (total amount shown in the block — total number in Burn Address = effective circulating amount).

According to the original terms, BunnyPark team owns 5% of BP block output.

According to the new terms, BunnyPark team owns 5% of the effective circulating amount.

This modification means that team’s share will be destroyed simultaneously with the destruction quantity. The SaaS fund share comes from the original developer support share, and the ratio is the same as the team.

The first minting record by team (at 45,000,000 effective circulation):



Every BP minting by the team and SaaS fund will be updated on DOCS.

Part 4

BunnyPark Game(BG)

BunnyPark Game is a one-stop game token launched for the SaaS ecosystem. BG will be used to participate in all SaaS incubated projects, including IBOs, GameBox, BlindBox, and participation in the game processes. This way, all SaaS GameFi will be connected to form a seamless BSC game circle. BG is not available via pre-sale but can only be obtained through participation in the SaaS ecosystem.

BG Token

Token Name: BunnyPark Game

Token Ticker: BG

Block Chain: BinanceSmartChain (BEP20)

Contract Address: 0xd04c116c4f02f3cca44b7d4e5209225c8779c8b8

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Initial Liquidity1: 1.88% (18,800,000 BG-2,000,000 BP)
  • Initial Liquidity 2: 0.182346% (1,823,460 BG-200,000 BUSD)
  • BG Games Ecosystem Output: 97.9376% (979,376,000)


Contact Information:





Telegram Announcement Channel:https://t.me/BPann01

English: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Spanish: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Spanish

German: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_German

Italian: https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_IT

Turkish: https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_TR

Korean: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Korean

Japanese: https://t.me/BunnyPark_JPoffical

Arabic: https://t.me/BunnyParkArabic

Indian: https://t.me/BunnyPark_India

Vietnamese: https://t.me/BunnyPark_Vietnam

Indonesian: https://t.me/BunnyParkIndonesian_Official

Russian: https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Russia




BunnyPark, make blockchain happen everywhere. Official website: https://www.bunnypark.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01