BunnyPark Evolution & 2021 Recap

Today marks the last day of 2021. It has been an eventful year for BunnyPark, from its inception in April 2021 to where BunnyPark is today.

Thank you, bunnies. Your participation and contribution are immensely invaluable. BunnyPark would not have made it to the Best 5 Binance Smart Chain Project 2021, Top 10 BSC Most Valuable Build II and BSC 1st Anniversary Innovation Medal 2021 without your support.

Let’s recap on BunnyPark’s evolution in 2021.

The Birth of BunnyPark 1.0 — NFT & Yield Farm Platform

▪️ Genesis NFT: The Birth of ShareCards

As a strong proponent of NFT utilities, BunnyPark is one of the pioneers to propose the usage of NFTs for community governance via DAO in the form of ShareCards.

ShareCards are divided into 3 categories: King (1 card), Warrior (5000 cards) and Astronaut (20,000 cards).

ShareCards are eternal and have 3 privileges on BunnyPark:

a. Dividend Scheme

b. Bounty Scheme

c. Governance rights via DAO

▪️ $BP Pre-Genesis Mining

$BP, the native token on BunnyPark was birth. There was no pre-sale, private sale or IDO. Instead, the output was allocated for:

a. Pre-genesis farming

b. Dividends for ShareCards

As an all-encompassing token on BunnyPark, holders are able to participate in BunnyPark ecosystem such as IBOs, BlindBox, GameBox, Farm and CropPool.

However, $BP are only allocated for ShareCards, Farm and CropPool once the NFT Savings Pool is closed.

  • NFT Savings Pool will be closed once the mining period for BigBang and Classic cards is over. The mining functions for both types of cards have been disabled on 31st December, 7am UTC.

▪️ IPO (Initial Park Offerings)

BunnyPark launched its first 2 IPOs:


b. PinkBubble

▪️ The Birth of the BlindBox

As a platform that focuses on NFT “SaaS” incubation and product standardization that allow the output of NFT development standards, diverse gameplay, product rules and application values into a series of standard smart contracts, the BlindBox is birthed with the release of:

a. Classic BlindBox

b. BigBang BlindBox — the largest NFT-themed event on BSC

**The mining functions for both BigBang and Classic cards have both been disabled on 31st December, 7am UTC as part of $BP output reduction plan.

▪️ The Birth of the CropPool (Single Currency Pool)

To incentivize users to participate in BunnyPark’s ecosystem, CropPool is launched for users to stake $BP as well as for ShareCard holders to earn bounty in Bounty Plan.

▪️ The Birth of Gallery and Market

As an NFT-focused platform, Gallery (now removed) and Market are established to allow users to trade NFTs among one another.

Market allows users to trade a comprehensive range of NFTs obtained via BlindBox and GameBox, including those incubated by BunnyPark.

The Birth of BunnyPark 2.0 — NFT & GameBox Platform

▪️ The Birth of SaaS Incubator

The “SaaS” incubation platform is a combinable NFT and GameFi product development platform pioneered by BunnyPark, which has a wide range of NFT protocols and smart contracts that comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 development standards while at the same time universalizes NFTs through unified specification of meta-information.

BunnyPark has received many applications and will continue to develop and incubate:

a. CryptoPlanet


c. Angel

d. Spark Era

▪️ Open Source Code and Bug Bounty Program

To promote more transparency and fortify the security on BunnyPark.

Check out Immunefi for more information about BunnyPark’s Bug Bounty Program.

Before that, BunnyPark has obtained security audits from Certik, SlowMist and PeckShield.

▪️ The Birth of GameBox

GameBox is the application portal of the SaaS incubator as well as the showcase portal of incubated projects where all confirmed incubation applications and projects launched by the SaaS incubator will be displayed.

As an on-chain application marketplace for NFT and GameFi on BSC, this segment will allow users to quickly browse and experience the latest and most comprehensive GameFi products.

GameFi projects that land on GameBox via BunnyPark SaaS incubator will have the opportunity to be quickly included and listed by Binance NFT.

▪️ The Birth of BunnyPark Game (BG) Token

BunnyPark Game (BG) is a one-stop game token launched for the SaaS ecosystem. $BG will be used to participate in all SaaS incubated projects, including:

a. IBOs

b. GameBox

c. BlindBox

Similar to $BP, $BG was not available via pre-sale. All output are to be obtained via game participation.

▪️ The Birth of BunnyPark Metaverse & NFT Farming — Adventure Bunny

Adventure Bunny belongs to BunnyPark metaverse that allows users to collect and train Adventure Bunnies to travel to major cities around the world and earn huge profits along the way.

It is a fun and relaxing way to farm NFTs whether on mobile or on PC.

All assets obtained in-game, including $BG and various NFTs are completely stored on BSC blockchain and can be freely traded among players in a completely decentralized manner.

What’s Next on BunnyPark in 2022?

Be sure to check out BunnyPark’s 2022 To-Do List.

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