BunnyPark 2022 To-Do List

2 min readDec 31, 2021


Happy New Year, bunnies!

2022 marks the beginning of a new era for BunnyPark.

With a clear vision, important mission and an actionable to-do list, there is nothing BunnyPark could not achieve.

Let’s go!


To elevate BunnyPark as the best NFT & GameBox Hub on Binance Smart Chain.


*To massively increase traffic to BunnyPark via IBOs

*To decentralize and aim towards Web3.0

*To greatly reduce BP emission

*To increase BP value

To-do list

1. Launch IBO

*To incubate and launch a comprehensive list of high quality and fun NFT & GameFi projects via the BlindBox and GameBox portals

*To collaborate with reputable platforms and distribute NFTs in large scale within BSC ecosystem

*To conduct initial token distribution for incubated projects

2. Further Decentralization Towards Web3.0

*Launch DAO

*To collaborate with high quality Web3.0 projects to further decentralize and return decision-making power back to BP community

*To launch iOS, Android and PC-terminal products

3. Market Valuation Management

*To stabilize and increase BP market value

*To massively reduce BP emission

*To increase BP use-cases

*To optimize and simplify tokenomics

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