AdventureBunny Gameplay Revision

2 min readDec 17, 2021

A. Gameplay revision:

To ensure long term stability of the players’ income, the following upgrades have been made:

1. Adventure success rates have been adjusted to 97% so that players can increase the rate to 100% by simply deploying 6 BabyBunnies.
2. The earning rates have been balanced so that the difference between cities with low and high Combat Power is more balanced.

Please refer to the new success rate probability and earnings table for more information.

B. NFT destruction plan:

As with the changes on the probability and earnings, NFT destruction plan is simultaneously launched to allow players to freely choose whether to use the same team for subsequent adventures.

Destruction period: UTC 2021/12/18 0:00 ~ 2021/12/19 23:59
Destruction method:
During the destruction period, the team will announce the price (in BP) of repurchasing the NFTs at 0:00 UTC daily. As long as players put their NFTs on BP Market for sale equal or lower than the price set by the team, the team will repurchase the NFTs and destroy them.

1. Adventure Bunny (regardless of rarity levels): Combat Power * 1 USD worth of BP
2. Spaceship: Each seat * 25 USD worth of BP
3. Fleet: the price of spaceship plus the remaining fuel * 0.025 USD worth of BP

Note: Newly minted fleets and fleets that have been refueled after the Twitter announcement will not be repurchased by the team according to the system’s discernment.

C. The Adventure series card drawing function will resume after the the end of the destruction plan.