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Brief Introduction

Adventure Bunny is a fun and relaxing adventure game. Players can collect and train Adventure Bunnies to travel to major cities around the world and earn huge profits along the way.

Adventure Bunny not only allows players to enjoy the fun of the game but the integration of P2E components also allows them to earn while playing.

All assets obtained in-game, including $BG and various NFTs are completely stored on BSC blockchain and can be freely traded among players in a completely decentralized manner.

*The team reserves the final rights to interpreting and revising the content of the Whitepaper.

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City Expeditions

Exploring the Cities

Players are required to form fleets (including Spaceships, Bunny Passengers and Pilots) to explore different cities. Each type of Bunny would have different upgrading upper limit of Combat Power. The Combat Power of the entire fleet determines the cities players can explore.

Therefore, if you owns two Bunnies with 500 Combat Power each in a fleet, you can explore cities within the 1000 Combat Power limit.

Each fleet and member can only explore the city once every 28800 BSC blocks (approximately 24 hours).


The success rate of each fleet between cities is determined by the passengers and pilots. To ensure all players obtain stable income and the sustainability of the game, the rewards from each adventure will be accumulated in accordance with the value of USDT and the rewards will be distributed in $BG in accordance with the value set by the Oracle.

Early Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw your $BG rewards prematurely, you will incur a 30% early withdrawal fee. The fee will be reduced by 2% daily once you start participating in daily adventures regardless if the attempt is successful, until the fee reduction reaches 0%. The soonest you can withdraw your $BG rewards tax-free would be after 15 days.


Spaceships allow the passengers to explore different cities.

The spaceships can be purchased directly from the “Spaceship” tab. The cost and specification of each spaceship would determine the number of passengers it can carry.

Before every expedition, players can choose “AI Autopilot” or “Manual Drive” mode. If “Manual Drive” is chosen, players can deploy one BunnyPark ShareCard (note 1) to pilot the spaceship. This move will affect the success rate of the expedition (note 2).

*Each ShareCard can only pilot a spaceship once a day. After which, it will be reset.

The Price and Number of Seats of the Spaceships:

Note 1: Please refer here for more information about ShareCards.

All ShareCards are sold out and can only be obtained via BunnyPark Market.

Note 2: Please refer to the “Success Rate Bonus” chapter for more information about the probabilities.

Adventure Bunnies & BabyBunnies

Adventure Bunnies are the main source of Combat Power for our fleets. Each Adventure Bunny would have different maximum Combat Power.

Players may obtain Adventure Bunnies by drawing from the BlindBox. The upgradeable upper limit of the Combat Power is determined by the rarity of the Bunnies. Players can collect and upgrade the best Adventure Bunnies to increase the chance of exploring the desired cities.

Please fill out the referral’s Adventure Bunny’s Token ID to breed when you draw an Adventure Bunny. That way, you will not only get an Adventure Bunny but also two BabyBunnies (one of which belongs to you and the other to the referral.

BabyBunnies can increase the success rate of the adventure (note 1).

The probabilities of summoning the Adventure Bunnies are as follow:

Drawing Fee: 100 USD worth of $BP

Combat Power Upgrading Fee: 100 USD (50 USDT + 50 USD worth of $BG or $BP) for 100 Combat Power. Simultaneous multiple upgrades are supported.

Note 1: Please refer to the “Success Rate Bonus” chapter for more information about the probabilities.


A fleet is an NFT composed of Adventure Bunnies, BabyBunnies and Spaceships. Players may add multiple NFTs to the fleet at the same time. However, the fleet cannot be dismantled after it is formed. The Adventure Bunnies inside the fleet cannot be upgraded. Their Token IDs will also no longer be applicable for breeding BabyBunnies.

Your fleets will have different names, Combat Power, and Bonus Success Rate.

There is no limit to the number of fleets an address can hold. However, it is not recommended to hold more than 256 NFTs per address (including Adventure Bunnies, BabyBunnies and Fleets).

Every fleet may explore the cities individually without affecting other fleets. Each fleet can only explore one city per day.

Fuel Contract

A fuel contract is required for your fleet to be eligible to participate in daily city expedition.

When you form a fleet for the first time, you will be automatically given a 40-day fuel contract. After the 40 days, you will be given a choice to sign a 10-day, 20-day or 40-day contract. Once the contract expires, you will be required to sign a new contract if you wish to deploy the same fleet for future expeditions.

The fee for reobtaining the fuel contract will be paid in accordance with the value of USD (half in USDT + half in $BG or $BP).

After 40 days, the fuel contract discount structure is as follows:

Each fleet would require 0.025 USD fuel contract per Combat Power per day.

For example:

a) a fleet with 1000 Combat Power with a 10-day fuel contract would require: 1000 Combat Power * 0.025 USD * 10 Days = 250 USD

b) a fleet with 1000 Combat Power with a 40-day fuel contract would require: 1000 Combat Power * 0.025 USD * 0.9 (discount 10%) * 40 Days = 900 USD

Admission Fee (Air Ticket)

The admission fee (air ticket) depends on the city you wish to explore. The higher the rewards, the higher the admission cost.

*Admission fee can be directly deducted from unclaimed rewards or deducted using $BG.


Adventure Bunnies are searching for $BG in different cities. Cities with higher Combat Power requirements will have higher $BG densities.

At present, fleets can explore 10 different cities with different rewards and level of difficulties according to the Combat Power restrictions.

To ensure the safety of the Adventure Bunnies, the Combat Power of the fleets determines the cities they can explore.

Cities with higher demand for Combat Power will have more lucrative rewards. However, the difficulty levels will also be higher. Fleets that take the highest risk will naturally be most generously rewarded.

The Combat Power requirements and Success Rates of different cities are as follow:

Success Rate Bonus

In addition to the Adventure Bunnies’ Combat Power, other members of the fleet must also be taken into consideration for a successful expedition.


Although the AI Autopilot technology is quite mature, under the leadership of BunnyPark Warrior and Astronaut ShareCards, the success rates of the city expeditions will be higher.

The Bonus Success Rates of each BunnyPark ShareCard as fleet pilot are as follow:

*Each ShareCard is only allowed to pilot the spaceship once a day.

*ShareCards have the highest Power performance on BunnyPark. As a pilot, contract signing is not required. There is also no expiry to the validity period.


The presence of BabyBunnies in the fleet can increase the morale of the Adventure Bunnies. The addition of each BabyBunny will provide a 0.5% Success Rate Bonus.

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