2020 Q1 — BunnyPark Genesis Plan

BunnyPark Product Development

◼️ NFT ecology research and application hypothesis

◼️ BunnyPark main product direction and content structure

2021 Q2 — BunnyPark V1 — Land on the Moon

BunnyPark Product Matrix Establishment

◼️ ShareCard (Warriors & Astronauts) public sale

◼️ Commence ShareCard Dividend Scheme

◼️ Commence Pre-Genesis Mining Farms

◼️ Announce exclusive NFT collaboration with Japanese actresses

◼️ Start 1st…

BunnyPark Weekly Events: BP & BG Burned from XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBox Sales + 3,000 Packages of Gem-to-BG Redemption Reopened + XDOGE Moon Treasure Landed on Binance NFT

This week’s limelight was all about BunnyPark’s latest SaaS incubated project: XDOGE!

XDOGE has seen some significant progress (cue Binance NFT listing). Not to mention, massive amounts of BP and BG were burned from XDOGE Moon Treasure BlindBoxes sales. SuperHeroes are indeed legendary.

6th November to 12th November Event Highlights:

November is an exciting month on BunnyPark with the introduction of BunnyPark Game (BG) token into BunnyPark SaaS ecosystem and the launch of XDOGE Moon Treasure NFT BlindBox card game. Let’s run through the chronology of events to find out.

30th October to 5th November Event Highlights:

▪️ BOO-nyPark Halloween…

This week was all about output reduction, output reduction and more output reduction! From BP Joint Repurchase Plan to CAKE CropPool output reduction to welcoming a new member into SaaS Park, BunnyPark is all about increasing BP use cases and deflating BP supply.

16th October to 22nd October Event Highlights:

BunnyPark Weekly Events: XDOGE BlindBox by BunnyPark SaaS Incubator + BP Locked CropPool Launched + 635,784 BP from Repurchase Program Burned + CAKE CropPool Output Reduction + 2nd Week BP Repurchase Completed

BunnyPark is right on track with its development. Apart from CryptoPlanet and Angel_NFT, BunnyPark SaaS Incubator will also be incubating XDOGE BlindBoxes (more on that later). Let’s recap on the exciting events that have happened this week.

9th October to 15th October Event Highlights:

▪️ XDOGE BlindBoxes to be incubated…

BunnyPark Weekly Events: Output Reduction Upgrade for Farms & Pools + CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes launched + 7,257,153 BP from BlindBox Sales Burned + Team’s Repurchase Plan

Firstly, the Farms and Pools sections were majorly revamped to accommodate the output reduction upgrade. Then, CryptoPlanet BlindBoxes were launched. Within 48 hours, 7,257,153 BP were consumed from the BlindBox sales. Last but not least, 636,784 BP were repurchased from Team’s Fund. And, the rest was history…

2nd October to…


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